Lets lose weight and feel great together!


Are you ready to look fabulous, feel extraordinary, and eat loads of delicious food? Oh, and did I mention while doing this you could also lose weight? I know it sounds too good to be true, but stop doubting and start believing! Your solution to health, beauty, happiness and an abundance of energy is right around the corner.

I struggled most of my life with chronic fatigue, painful inflammation, and the inability to lose weight among other things. I tried fad diets, all to no avail and thought it must just be me. However, when I figured out which foods truly nourish you, make you feel great, and taste amazing, I shed the pounds without even thinking- and you can too!

Join me and learn how to transform your body, and your life at my first ever weekly Weight Loss Group event! Happening every Monday at 7pm, we will talk through common pitfalls (2pm slump anyone?), celebrate our successes, and make and taste delicious, vibrant food!

Each week will center around a different topic to make the transition to healthy eating fun and easy. Plus, unlimited coaching through e-mail and a private Facebook group for us to share our stories, recipes, and tips and tricks. 

Message me to learn more and to reserve your spot today. The time to take control of you health is now.