About Me


Hello! My name is Karen and I am a vegan, mother of two beautiful daughters, and most recently a Certified Juice Guru Coach. 

Twenty years ago I started my own bakery. I was making pies, cookies, and cakes with refined sugars, white flour, and as much butter and milk as I could. And then one book changed my life: Skinny Bitch. 

I was always tired, and figured this was just part of my personality. Some people just have more energy than others, right? However, after reading Skinny Bitch I realized that my lack of energy may have a little more to do with what I was eating than genetics. 

I became vegan immediately. My brain fog was lifted, I no longer needed caffeine or naps, and I had ambition and passion once again! I felt like a teenager! 

This is when I started to incorporate juicing into my daily routine. It was my "coffee" in the morning, my "snack" in mid afternoon, and sometimes even my cleansing "dessert" before I went to bed. I couldn't get enough. I decided this was my passion. Spreading health and vibrancy to those who didn't think they could have it, just like my former self. 

I am now a Certified Juice Guru Coach and would love to teach you more about the vast benefits of juicing, coach you along juice fasts as they restore your body and health, and teach you a little more about natures best medicine, plants! 

So take a browse around my website, and I hope to hear from you soon!